Mother ’ – When it’s time for dinner take care of the

When it’s time for dinner, take care of the kitchen! Pour your mother your favorite cocktail, raise your “legs” in the air and cook! Whether you’re grilling on the terrace or cooking a “favorite” dish inside, don’t let your mother lift a finger! Setting up the table and selecting “good food” is a special day. Mothers are so busy taking care of their homes that they rarely use them, so Mother’s Day is the perfect time to relax and truly enjoy your home. What else does a housewife have but never have the right to do? Take some of your favorite magazines or a new book you want to read and roll it up on the balcony or in the living room. A personalized kitchen is the best place to start and get the whole family involved in making your mother’s favorite breakfast while “she” sleeps. Bathroom salt, bath gel and lotion of “her” choice so you can enjoy your bath or steam bath. Mothers rarely offer this luxury, so give them time to enjoy it. Fresh flowers and a special “they” breakfast should be delivered to the suite, where “they” can enjoy a quiet breakfast. Mom likes to spend time with “her” family, so take your time with “her” family. If you live in a village by the lake and today is a beautiful day, enjoy the water. Open a special bottle of wine and don’t forget dessert – maybe even chocolate! And above all, don’t forget to clean up. Your favorite TV show, a good book or maybe the luxury of going to bed early. Start the day with the right foot, get up early and make sure the house is clean and there’s nothing your mother thinks “she” should do. They cook for themselves, clean up, wash clothes, take care of everyone. This is your day, think creatively and make it easier for “her” to spend the day with what “she” loves. Give “her” the day off! Don’t cook, don’t go away, don’t wash, don’t let “her” do anything. After breakfast, make a home spa for your mother in the main bathroom.

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