A Custom Lake – Every detail of this addition has been

Every detail of this addition has been carefully designed, from the sink to the back wall of the bar and the place to play a golf swing. The entrance gives access to the living room of the existing home or to the new entertainment room. This beautiful room has lighting under the cabinet and a bench that extends into the steam shower. Undoubtedly, the Custom Lake Home was already a “hidden treasure”, but the new addition really makes the name perfect. The spacious and impressive complex features a two-story bar and living room. The expansion would also take up parking space, so keep that in mind. In their old house, they loved to be entertained on the ground floor, which houses a bar and a family room. To comply with land and marine regulations, the team had to be creative with the space available. The bar has a small kitchen and plenty of space for family meals or for friends and family. The wine cellar, surrounded by glass doors, is an impressive work of art and a starting point for a conversation. After moving into their beautiful new home in 2015, they spent the next few years appreciating all parts of it, but realized there were some features they still wanted. As a wine lover, a winery was also a necessity for newcomers. A perfect place for every member of the family to train. The owners expressed their wishes to Colby Construction, and a plan was quickly developed to meet their needs. The roof is equipped with a staggered seam and beautiful chandeliers.

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