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For the couple to fully enjoy the scenery, Estes has designed the house with all but two of the main rooms facing the front; generous windows throughout the large room offer a view to the background through the adjacent professional kitchen. Northwest Home Delivers Epic was the ideal compromise: the house has several slanted roof lines and lots of glass, but with rich wood decorations on the doors, windows and wooden beams inside and outside that help maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Lesley says “her” meetings with Estes designers and project managers helped them reduce their wish lists and harmonize finish and design options. In addition to a master suite on the first floor with individual shower, the house has three guest rooms, each with its own bathroom to accommodate the couple’s children and grandchildren. This iframe contains the logic necessary to process Ajax-based gravitational forms. And with good reason: the 5-hectare property, located on the side of the Olympic Mountains, offers a wide panoramic view of Port Angeles, Juan de Fuca Strait, Victoria and Mount Baker. On the second floor, the man’s dream of an office tower with windows on three sides came true. “At our first meeting it was clear that they were listening to what we had to say, and it was great to have this feedback on what we could expect and the whole design process,” said Mr. Das Paar, who left the Bay Area, with different views on style, a penchant for traditional wood construction and a more modern one. How much will it cost? How long will it take? What about permits? Where do we start? Get the answers you need to get your single-family home project up and running. When you ask the Lesleys what they were looking for most for their new custom home, their answer is simple: Maximize the views. A two-story stackable fireplace in the large room helps create the atmosphere. “We like the way it fits into the environment and, of course, the view is fantastic,” says See more of the home and hear more about the Lesley in “her” video interview, says Lesley.

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