Summer Day Camps – This camp includes supervised excursions

Summer Day CampsThis camp includes supervised excursions outside the IslandWood area. It includes supervised excursions outside the IslandWood region. Are you in high school or college and do you love children and nature? Come voluntarily with the camp! They work with our teachers and campers and gain valuable experience in environmental education. Camps for the week of July 4th are offered at a lower price because there is no camp during the holidays. Have you ever dreamed of having superpowers? Spend the week exploring the true superpowers of the animal kingdom in this camp that reveals nature’s freshest creatures. Discover the forest in a new way by searching for dwarves, building fairy houses and discovering small lake monsters in this children’s camp with fantastic fantasies. Full day camps cost between $335 and $350 per week and campers, depending on the camp. Through practical explorations that allow us to acquire important social and academic skills, we offer a wide range of camps, from marine science to cooking and journalism . You begin the summer by getting to know our campus, and then gradually work on your own one-week day camp experience with the help of a mentor.

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