Garden Tour – Showed: An entrance arch shows Doug and

Showed: An entrance arch shows Doug and Barbara Henderson’s love for art, recycled materials and shade plants, and combines vintage consoles and pilasters with some of Barbara’s fusion glass masks. Shown: Barbara and Doug Henderson have transformed a damaged dock into a lookout post on a hill decorated with bowling balls mounted on painted fireplaces. Or, in this case, plants and bird baths, bowling balls, garbage dumps, urns, glass works of art, stone floors, ceramics, nesting boxes, benches, stone walls, glass mosaics, old plates, fireplaces and sometimes mirrors, window frames and fireplaces and canvases. Pictured: Dust in the landscape, from left to right: a glass bird bath on a metal pedestal; a molten glass “garden spirit”; a bench, pedestal and pot decorated with mosaics; and a fountain covered with plates with which Doug grew up. Pictured: The begonias and the storm of the sweet potato vine of an urn sitting on a septic tank neck, surrounded by glass beads, flowers and mosaics. “I love trash,” says Barbara Henderson laughing as “she” remembers the gradual accumulation of art that now decorates the gardens where “she” and “her” husband Doug are decorating the farm north of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Pictured: On top of the hill, in the old guest house in the garage, there is now an art studio with restored windows and mesh panels framed by melted glass flowers.

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