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Icon – Zoom Unused to display a zoom action on a map. Icon – Zoom Out Allows you to display a zoom action on a map. Icon – Trademark of FacebookFacebook for use in icons to share on social networks. Icon – Left ArrowAn icon we use to show an action on the right. Symbol – Registered trademark of InstagramInstagram for use in social sharing symbols. Symbol – Trademark of PinterestPinterest for the use of social sharing symbols. Icon – Right ArrowIcon that we use to show an action on the left. First of all, there was great credibility: Ben Svenson, the hotel’s main partner and designer, was a leading group of investors made up of creative and gourmet people, including John Stirratt of the independent rock group Wilco, Eric Kerns, co-founder of Bright Ideas Brewery, Scott Stedman, founder of Brooklyn Magazine, and Cortney Burns, former co-director of the Tartine Bar in San Francisco. Symbol – SearchUsed to display a search action. Symbol – EmailUsed to display an email action. Symbol – CloseUsed to display a closing action. Above: The Sanford Suite has a large outdoor terrace, double bed and living room, dining room and separate kitchen. Icon – External LinkAn icon we use to indicate that a button link is external. For one week, a creative director we know posted snapshots of her guest room, with its rigorous plywood bed and seductive minimalism; another week, a photographer we followed on the platform, attracted us with snapshots of idyllic scenery, sparkling outdoor dinners and incredibly elegant interiors.

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