Symbol – Trademark of FacebookFacebook for use in symbols

Symbol – Registered trademark of InstagramInstagram for use in social sharing symbols. Canoe Roof: Francesca told us that Kanu, a long-time favorite, offers a registration; buy simple products to equip the house, like this Imperial Ranch Throw blanket, $150, made in Oregon. Symbol – Trademark of PinterestPinterest For the use of social sharing symbols. Symbol – Zoom Out Allows you to display a zoom action on a map. Icon – Zoom Unused to display a zoom action on a map. Icon – Left ArrowAn icon used to display an action on the right. Icon – Right ArrowAn icon used to show an action on the left. Above: Mars is one of our gifts for all occasions; Francesca reminded us that they also offer a wedding directory. Symbol – SearchUsed to display a search action. Symbol – EmailUsed to display an email campaign.

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