Willy Urban Cabin – Look at the surfboard: “We’re in an

Look at the surfboard: “We’re in an urban area on Mount Maunganui, but one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is about 400 metres away,” explains George. “Above: “Probably the biggest change we made inside the house was to remove the plaster ceiling, expose the beams and install two skylights,” says George. Above: “When we wallpapered the garage, there were two faucets from an old sink, so we decided why not have a sink in the room to brush our teeth and fetch water,” George says. George and Will poured the concrete counter themselves in their workshop: “It’s the first one we’ve made and it’s pretty hard, but it gives a lot of character to the piece. “Above: The front steel drawers have handmade wooden drawers. “Before and during the previous treatment: The builder who built the house came and told George and Will that this was “their” first project. “Will had just made the pond in a ceramic patio and it was perfect for this place; we added the edge for storage. “Above: To complete the cabin environment, there is an outside shower in the back. Above: “I like the comfort of the cabins,” says George. “The roofs are well ventilated and dry, which is good for storage,” says George. Above: A George & Willy pulley dryer hangs in a corner of the master bedroom where it takes up little space and dries clothes outdoors. For the past 18 months, we were told they would soon be ready to present George & Willy’s first remodel: They worked with friends on a house for George and his wife Hannah. George tells us that they finished the exterior coating with tung oil, “a natural product that unfortunately didn’t work as well as we would have liked because it doesn’t contain mold inhibitors, so the wood has developed a light shape. Above: George and Will discovered the house while driving near their workshop in the coastal town of Mount Maunganui on New Zealand’s North Island. Above: Some of the work was trial and error: “We tried to use only natural products, but the first floor surface had to be removed and replaced. The house doesn’t have much storage space, so we had to be creative. “Above: Access to the warehouse is via a steel ladder.

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