Paint Random-Width Stripes – “The house is very traditional

“The house is very traditional and contemporary stripes bring freshness,” explains designer Thomas Jayne, author of the recently published Classical Principles of Modern Design. Jayne adapted the colors to the shades used inside the house for a perfect transition from interior to exterior, and asked Manhattan painter Chuck Hettinger to lighten the panel with Roman striped beads – irregular in width, with recurring colors. “The scratches were made in a single operation with the art-applied paint, so it is sometimes painted or made transparent,” explains Hettinger, who improvised the repetition while he worked. To complete the project, Hettinger hand painted beaded cardboard every 60 meters without tape on an existing white base layer. This is not the case with this open extension of a house in Suffern, NY, where the pearl walls are striped from top to bottom with an unexpected color. “It’s much more lyrical if the stripes have different sizes, otherwise it might be a little punishable,” says Jayne. The walls of this outdoor space form a colorful counterpoint to the garden, even when the flowers have finished blooming. Your number one tip for creating this special project on your own? Form a group of painters to make it quick – and the process is as fun as the finished product. Find the TV show from this old house and ask the nearest house. In addition to a lush Technicolor garden, an outdoor meeting place may seem a bit boring. All rights reserved.

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