Old House Studio – The miniature records are a playful

The miniature records are a playful reminder of a fifth season visit to Las Vegas where Roger Cook presented an intimate canvas: Kevin, Tommy, Richard and the self-proclaimed Playboy-Roger trailer. The all-home power monitor first appeared in season 15; Ross Tretevi, a home appliance specialist, presented an update on the monitor’s performance in season 16. The monitor became Starbucks in season 16. This isn’t about Starbucks, but it makes coffee even more remarkable in the episode of the 14th season, when host Kevin O’Connor poured a cup when he made his exit. The crew room is equipped with souvenirs from the show, such as a photo signed by NASA astronaut captain Mike Forman, who spent 15 years in the attic this season, and personal photos of the boys. Licenses came from all over the country – Hawaii was caught when AskTOH visited its 50th state in season 15, Missouri belonged to the show’s director and producer, and the rest were sent by fans. What’s on the copper wire reel? A smart thermostat like Richard Treteway is in a house in Massachusetts during his 11th home visit.

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