Four Decades – “My wife and I had our custom home built

“My wife and I had our custom home built, and one of the highlights of the construction experience was the choice of prefabricated concrete basement walls, an idea we had when we saw this old house. “I still remember an episode of This Old House, probably the Dorchester Project with my father on Channel 9 PBS in St. We, which was removed from the walls, raised a floor in the rest of the house, built walls, hung gypsum panels, installed hardwood floors, laid tile floors, built two bridges, insulated an attic and knew enough to hire electricians and plumbers. “I grew up in this old house and passed on love to my husband and our children. Many of you have compared choosing a favorite of the TOH gang to asking them to choose from among their children, but you have not hesitated to share your appreciation for the entire This Old House team. “This old house has given me the confidence to undertake projects, but it has also taught me to have meaningful conversations with professional men and women, and has allowed me to appreciate their livelihoods. The renaissance of an 1835 barn, in which a 20th century wooden framed house took first place during a landslide, was rebuilt from the base of the ruins. “My favorite house is still Lexington Ranch, season 14.

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