Idea House – The use of plastic ventilation systems in

The use of plastic ventilation systems in water heaters, stoves and gas boilers has changed considerably; here at the House of Ideas, we have installed the first PVC flue gas ventilation system certified for Category II and IV gas appliances. Right next to the living room, in the outside gallery, colour schemes are being developed to limit the perfect shade of the connection, which houses the ground floor toilets, dog clothes and bathroom, as well as the laundry and learning area on the second floor. These are the roof penetrations that will soon house reflective solar tunnels to bring light into the master’s closets. The four-story main stair tower dramatically extends from the basement to the attic; 4 x 12 foot skylights will absorb daylight throughout the entrance area and hallways. An innovative clear gas fireplace has been installed that offers an unobstructed view between the game room and the family room.

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