Building Technology – Thanks to the invention of wood

Thanks to the invention of wood moving epoxies and penetrating primers that provide strong adhesion to wood substrates, it is now possible to repair rotten windows, columns and beams effectively and permanently. Now, using an impact wrench, “it” can send home thin but strong structural screws, such as the GRK RSS, that do not require pilot holes. Exterior sealers must keep water away and block airflow, grab both sides of a space, remain flexible during hot, cold and humid weather years, and absorb a coat of paint. In Tom world polyurethane-based construction adhesives, such as those manufactured by Loctite, have generally replaced low-cost, high-odour, short-life synthetic rubber adhesives. The new hybrid sealants from Gorilla and others use polymers modified with silyl silicone derivatives – and they can do all these things much better than the old retractable latex formulations. Tom used to drill pilot holes to hang a logbook or beam on “his” sister, and then laboriously screwed on the grease screws. Since polymers are firmly attached to most materials and are not disturbed by water, they are ideal for outdoor applications. Today, thanks to breakthroughs in chemical technology, glues and adhesives play an important role in this process by increasing the strength of screws and allowing the manufacture of synthetic wood. “With sawn timber, I can cross large areas safely without the need for steel plates.

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