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Interested in talking to our team about your ideas for designing contemporary and custom coastal homes on the coast? Take a free, no-obligation consultation. While respecting the natural environment, contemporary coastal design is designed to create the airy ambience of the beach. Simply put, the contemporary coastal design environment is full of beaches. You can see more examples of our contemporary coastal design work in our Parkland Estates gallery A smooth, contemporary and clear coastline appearance will create this simple and relaxed atmosphere. A slightly monochromatic palette dominated by white is the key to a contemporary coastal home that enhances natural materials and views. Coastal Contemporary Style is one of the fastest growing decoration styles. Simple fabrics, earth tones, eroded forests, rattan furniture welcome luminous flux through large windows and doors. A characteristic of this beach feeling is the abundance of light and natural elements. And not just for the beach! This style also works at home because it reminds owners and visitors of moments of pleasure and relaxation on the beach. Almost minimalist, the color palette is accented with the colors of the beach.

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