Building Technology – Shown: At TOH 2017 House of Ideas

Shown: At TOH 2017 House of Ideas the exterior cladding of doors and windows, beams and columns may look like lacquered wood, but is actually made of rotten PVC mesh. In the photo: The yellow rain mesh underneath the 2018 cedar tiles of Jamestown Net-Zero House offers an easy way to drain the water. Designed by James Hardy, this mixture of cellulose, sand and cement is similar to wood cladding, but does not have a high cost, tendency to rot or the need to repaint wood frequently. Photo: Newton GenerationNEXT 2017 is covered with fibre cement panels and easily retractable tiles. Rubber membranes, whether self-adhesive panels such as ice and waterproof panels or liquid coatings, form a barrier that protects the roof, windows and door frames from water ingress. Thermally modified white ash from American and European scaffolding is cooked until it cannot be eaten by insects and mushrooms, which also makes the panels more stable than untreated ones. The cellular PVC sold by AZEK in the U.S. looks and cuts like painted pine, but does not rotate, deform or be consumed by insects. There is no need to impregnate impermeable terraces with toxic metals, plastics or rainforests.

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