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The message suggests that more divorce applications filed online may not be resolved at all than those filed on paper. Of course, it is much easier to go online and file a divorce petition than to make an appointment and see a lawyer, or even get the necessary paper forms, fill them out and take them to court. My 25 years as a family attorney have taught me that few people make the decision to divorce lightly. However, it may be time to remember that divorce is not a trivial step and that online divorce should not be used as a “cry for help. But even if there is reconciliation, the fact that one of the parties initiates a divorce proceeding will undoubtedly be a damaging scar on the future relationship. I stand by what I have already said, but since I stopped practicing ten years ago, a much simpler method of initiating divorce proceedings has emerged. The other party who smokes what happened takes “his” laptop and goes directly to the government’s divorce filing service. Finally, one of the biggest concerns about introducing an innocent divorce is that it can make divorce too easy and thus devalue the marriage. If you are considering divorce, you may want to talk to one of our experienced attorneys or read our divorce first aid tips. I’m talking about an online divorce, of course. In a few minutes, you started a divorce proceeding. First of all of course, some people do not reconcile and do not go ahead with the divorce, perhaps simply because otherwise there would be a great loss of prestige. If your marriage is in trouble, but you’re not sure it’s over, of course there are places where you can ask for help, like Relate. But divorce is not immediate, of course. Online petitions are supposed to be published sooner, perhaps even as a kind of “call for help.

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