Tommy Awards – Driver’s license: Participants retain

Driver’s license: Participants retain ownership of the submitted work, but you grant the Sponsor and any organization that promotes, performs, manages, rewardss, advertises or promotes the Contest a perpetual, fully paid, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to reproduce, prepare, distributedisplay and transmit the Work in any way, in any form or format, created now or in the future, including the Internet, and for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited totransfer, scanning, use for other purposes and permission for others to use the Sponsor and Contest worldwide and to advertise, advertise or promote the Contest worldwide, without additional permission or payment being given to you or to anyone else. If a prospective Semifinalist fails to respond to the initial notification attempt within 3 business days of the previous transfer, or if the prospective Semifinalists and Grand Prize Winner do not return the waiver to the Sponsor within the specified time period, or if the prospective Semifinalists or Grand Prize Winner fail to comply with the requirements or violate these Official Rules, or do not accept the Prize for any reason, the Prize will be forfeited, and the prospective Semifinalist prospective Grand Prizewinner or Grand Prize Winner will be disqualified. Further, you agree to waive all moral rights on the entry form for the benefit of the sponsor and all organizations involved in the sponsorship, performance, administration, sponsorship of prizes, advertising or promotion of the Contest, and to indemnify the sponsor, itsdirectors employees, departments, serviceses, affiliateseses, subsidiaries and advertising agencies against claims by third parties relating to access rights. Submissions or any part thereof may be posted online, but you agree that the Sponsor is under no obligation to post your Submission, that all Submissions or any Submissions are at the sole discretion of the Sponsor and that posting or posting any Submissions does not guarantee that the Submissions will win. Admission Requirements: By posting your Project, you agree that you comply with the following guidelines and content restrictions and that the Sponsor may exclude you from the Contest at its sole discretion if it determines that your entry does not meet the requirements. If the entries received are less qualified than the specified number of semi-finalists, the Sponsor may, at its discretion, nominate fewer winners or cancel the Contest. The sponsor reserves the right to change the notification procedures for selecting another semi-finalist or grand prize winner, if applicable.

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