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Who knows. I’ve heard that love will find you, whether you’re looking for it or not. I have not given up men, dating, sex and all good things. I have just decided that this is not my top priority here and now. I told her I was writing an article about “your unit’s kiss,” and she ran to me and said her side: “I was asked about the dates of the week after my husband’s death,” she began. “I immediately realized that the eyebrows had been raised and that the comments about “You go, girl” were beginning. “My girlfriend moved into the kitchen, where her children laughed and kissed with their friends. But for the first time in my adult life, I’m single and I’m not looking. I’ve been divorced for seven years and I don’t have a relationship. Don’t think I’m deceiving those of you who have jumped into the depths of things. I consoled you when things went wrong, when you realized it wasn’t Mr I had lived with my parents, then with my roommates, and finally with a friend who became a husband. I am learning to survive the storms of life on my own, which every woman should know. But right now and last year, it was absolute, complete, 100% free. I’m not so naive as to think no harm has been done, but I’m smart enough to know it wasn’t permanent. Learning to enjoy my own business, which, if you think about it, creates a good enough foundation for any future relationship I may find myself in. I’m learning, you know. Newly divorced divorcees have resentment as if there were a deadline for finding a new love, a relational version of the old biological clock that runs in slow motion in the background.

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