Farmhouse Barn Door – While a conventional revolving door

While a conventional revolving door requires a footprint of 9 feet or more, sliding doors do not require such a footprint, saving a lot of space for furniture, appliances, etc. Whether it’s a comfortable room or a rustic office, the interior design of stable doors is on everyone’s lips. The contrast with the rustic ambience of these doors is striking and offers an easy way to transform the ordinary room into a chic country house. The stable doors are functional and space-saving. 24 Sep farmhouse door interior design. Interior design of the farm gate. The modern agricultural trend of today offers wide sliding doors for wardrobes, offices and more. The aesthetics of these sliding doors is at the forefront of action. This not only generates enthusiasm for the stable doors. Barn doors are no longer just for barns. Are you interested in talking to our team about a new design for your home? Feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. This can be particularly useful in a home or office where space is limited. Space first. Functional.

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