Stowe Family Law – Judge Holman also noted that when the

Judge Holman also noted that when the judge asked whether there was a legal marriage, the best place to hear the case would be the Nigerian courts, which were much better equipped than the English and Welsh courts to know the truth. Well, a woman could apply here to determine the validity of the marriage, but until she did, there was nothing the court could do here. There is a “marriage certificate” confirming that the parties entered into marriage on 30 December 2006 as part of the marriage registration process in Lagos, Nigeria. The application, allegedly aimed at obtaining a certificate of civil status, was filed under Part III of the Family Act 1986. In short, the Court did not have the power to state that this person wanted to make a declaration that he wanted to make an application and, as a result, his application was rejected. However, Judge Holman stated in his attitude to the application that this paragraph also did not apply, since the word “exist” implied what had already existed. However, in 2013, a divorce case was heard in Nigeria and a divorce certificate was issued on 2 December 2013. However, the man explained that he was not present at the marriage ceremony and that the Lagos Registry confirmed that the marriage certificate had not been registered. The woman was interviewed for her application. Stoya’s Family Law LLP is licensed and regulated by the Office of Legal Counsel Regulation. Stowe Family Law” LLP is registered in the Commercial Register and the reference he has submitted his application accordingly.

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