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The above extensions can easily be created using Google advertising accounts from their computers. For example, extensions for purchase can only be used to showcase products on e-commerce sites, while extensions for applications are reserved for companies that have mobile apps that they want to sell or promote. Automatic enhancements do not require the advertiser to configure them – Google Ads automatically bases them on system performance predictions. In the ten years since the first improvements in advertising were introduced, Google has introduced ten more manual and automatic improvements and two fully automated enhancements. Like most ad extensions, Google selects the links to the site and the number of links to the site that appear with each ad and displays from two to six links to the site in the ad. Manual extensions require advertisers to customize them in Google Ads before they appear in the ad itself. However, there are four extensions that are suitable for most companies and should definitely be used to add additional information to ads and increase the total volume of ads. This can help clarify how these extensions differ from mobile and desktop devices. This inspired me to create a detailed and fully illustrated guide to Google’s advertising extensions.

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