Search Engine Watch – There are two types of column pages:

There are two types of column pages: the original page and a 10-fold page containing both external and internal links. The main thing is that with proper execution, Silo Travelling can be used to promote its most important pages in the pyramid, so that they get more value and a higher rating and eventually attract more traffic. By conducting an internal campaign to establish links with the thematic bunker, NinjaOutreach managed to increase its website traffic by 50% in three months. Therefore, the main page of the site contains more backlinks than other pages of the site. According to Alex Bill about the Clothing Classifier, thematic groups are a group of articles that support the main page, with a certain structure of links and form of content. Internal links in SEO go to sites in the same field, internal links are considered less valuable than external links. Therefore, an important strategy would be to create links to similar topics on your site to increase their value and improve their rating. The home page is the first step, which is at the top, so that any link from there goes to the second step and any link from pages to pages to the second to the third step, and so on. You can also link the city pages to the “Targets” within each city page. In addition, the value is properly distributed over the pages of the site. The value of the link is passed from top to bottom, ie pages with the smallest step have the least value. “Google has to constantly search for new pages and add them to the list of known pages.

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