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At Mitchell Homes, you’ll find custom features you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you prefer an open plan, expect an older resident to live with you in the future, or simply want to avoid the risk of falling for a variety of reasons, a one-story ranch house will be your best single-family home. At Mitchell Homes, we offer world-class standard features so you can develop a home that fits your personality and lifestyle. When you build with Mitchell Homes, you naturally have connections in your kitchen to power your favorite appliances. The laminate countertops and back wall are included in the design of your Mitchell home. Popular options in 2019 include extending the dashboard to the ceiling, choosing larger tiles for the subway, choosing a metallic sheen and adding color. At Mitchell Homes, we have one- and two-story residential plans for families of all sizes. Because the laminate is so durable, you can choose this standard feature, but you can choose to look your best with backsplash. No matter what custom features you choose, we look forward to taking you on this journey. They like to play with their toys on the stairs, dive up and down the living room in their bedrooms and pretend the first floor is lava they couldn’t touch without special shoes. It will be nice in the years to come when you turn the corner and drive the block home, but it will also contribute positively to the resale value when or when it comes time to move, improve or reduce. We’ve eliminated the entry barriers that exist for many and created an environment where the process of buying a custom home is less stressful and more enjoyable. You’ll find that many of our home plans, such as the Franklin, Harlow and Oakton, already have a front porch. We want you to move into your new room because you know it’s a house you can afford and where you can’t wait to save memories. You may also require USB ports to be plugged into your outlets so you can charge your mobile phones more easily while checking recipes before preparing dinner. But a growing trend is the addition of more individual outlets.

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