Auto Dealerships – Text messaging can be an effective way

Text messaging can be an effective way for car dealerships to communicate with their customers, provide service updates, send them details about the possible purchase of a car after a customer visits their property, or invite them to examine their business. In addition, customers pay to receive text messages on some mobile phone plans; you will quickly generate a negative feeling among customers when they see charges on your bill for unsolicited text messages. For more information on how to optimize your dealer’s customer experience, download our key online reputation trends and the CX Management Report Join thousands of your colleagues and get the latest information on reputation management, branding, search engine optimization, customer satisfaction and more. Texts have an opening rate of 95% and can certainly contribute effectively to avoiding frictional losses in customer communications. Why are texts regulated differently than other forms of communication, such as email? Texts are sent over a mobile network, so they are subject to TCPA, unlike e-mails, which are not. Finally, text messages are sent to personal devices and are therefore more intrusive than emails that can be opened, filtered or deleted anywhere. To avoid common errors that can lead to TCPA fines, we recommend that you use an automated platform to guide your computer through the process. Car dealers should give customers the opportunity to reject future text messages. Armed with a smartphone and a text message, frontline sellers are literally a click away from their dealer in the hot air. Many consumers believe that dealerships and car dealers have a bad reputation. Our patented SMS review solution ensures that merchants manage word processing in a way that increases the effectiveness of their legal compliance. And customers want texts, especially for service updates. It’s that easy – one click and you already know your customer. As long as you follow the rules, the text will make your company more responsive in our constantly available world.

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