Westerly Wrap Party – During the closing party the old

During the closing party, the old tree painter Mauro Henrique answered questions from his admirers in the kitchen of the Rancho del Oeste. The week of the closing party seemed to be Christmas for John because Kevin answered his question in an exclusive question and answer session, and a few days later he met he and the rest of the distribution personally. Last week, insiders visited the Westerly Wrap Party to see the full Westerly Ranch for the first time for his first season this week at PBS. After their experience on the set, the spectators were taken home for an exclusive visit for the official closing ceremony. Richard Trethewey and other cast members signed a book by Joseph York and his wife Monica from Hope Valley, RI. “I’ve built many bridges, a living room in my old house, several tool sheds, doors and windows replaced, wooden floors repaired, and the list goes on,” he says. After just a glimpse of what the Western Ranch looked like before the renovation, it arrived inside on Thursday September.

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