Right Flooring – How to choose the right floor for your new

How to choose the right floor for your new home? – Halifax Nova Scotia DIY – Sawlor Built Homes – Your Dream. There are many laminate and vinyl floors in a lower price segment, as well as those that fall into the luxury flooring category. Ceramic, porcelain and vinyl floors are again a good choice for durability. Some vinyl floors can even be manufactured to mimic the look of wood or stone and offer a natural look while protecting against moisture. She is an active member of the marketing committee of the Canadian Association of Home Builders – Nova Scotia and she continues to update her education and training to become a leader in the new housing marketing industry. Your homeowner can recommend the right type of flooring for the different rooms in your home based on your needs and lifestyle. A floor covering that fits your living space may not be the best choice for your bathroom or even your basement. Kaila, a third-generation member of the Sawlor Built Homes family, joined the company in 2011. A durable floor is the key if you have small feet or legs running on the floor. Once you’ve chosen the right type, the design options are almost limitless – you’re sure to find a style you’ll love for years to come. Kaila is the marketing director for Sawlor Built Homes. Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest floor types to maintain – just clean it and go. Tiles are a good choice for high humidity areas, whether ceramic, porcelain or vinyl. Hardwoods are a premium choice, although they vary in price depending on the species and finish of the wood.

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