Home Energy Efficient – What makes a home energy efficient

What makes a home energy efficient? – Halifax Nova Scotia DIY – Sawlor Built Homes – Your Dream. With over 35 years of experience in building single-family homes in Nova Scotia, Keith has put together a team that reflects his experience and values. Before you start building, explore the different standards for building energy-efficient homes and talk to the builder to see what he recommends – and what he can build. A highly efficient heating and ventilation system, water heaters and appliances are important factors in the energy efficiency of a home. If your home meets all the energy efficiency requirements, it is likely to meet the government’s energy efficiency standard in a new home. If your home is built to higher energy efficiency standards, you will benefit even more. Simply put, a house built using energy-efficient practices does more. It is equipped with powerful windows or ENERGY STAR-certified windows. It is involved in many other programs and associations in the industry, including the Canadian Homebuilders Association, Nova Scotia Security Services and the Better Business Bureau. It’s more comfortable to live in, it’s better for your health and the environment, and it saves you money on your energy bill. Keith Sawlor is the second generation owner of Sawlor Built Homes. Keith is a certified house builder who is also certified by many large industrial companies. The quality of “your” windows – and their location – can make a big difference to the density of the building envelope and the use of natural light and heat.

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