TOH Season – We recently asked 41 seasonal students

We recently asked 41 seasonal students, 35-year-old Catherine Fulton of Pembroke Pines Florida, and 21-year-old DeShawn Burnett of New Orleans, Louisiana, to tell us what they learned there before returning to their hometown. New generation students Katherine Fulton and De’Shawn Burnet share their experiences with the TOH team. I will certainly continue where I left off in Florida, developing what I learned here and pursuing my goals. D: D: When I return home, I plan to work with an unusual construction company to teach other children the land. I was just thinking about improving my skills, but it was a dazzling experience because I had never thought about a new project before. When I saw this opportunity, I thought I could expand my skills because I wasn’t convinced of my engineering skills. What finally changed for me was the scale of my career in construction and project management. Katherine: I’ve always had a passion for interior design and construction, but I’ve never seen a career that I liked. As part of our ongoing commitment, we hired interns to work with the TOH TV team. When I first came here, I didn’t want to be treated differently, and I really wanted to see the guys I worked with, the guys I wanted to meet. I wanted to learn to build differently, so I asked “him” to let me achieve my future goals. My motivation was to acquire more skills than I already knew after a three-seven-year internship with a general construction company.

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