Mastercard Guillaume Conteville – During this session I

During this session, I will report on what Mastercard has done to make our content stand the test of time and to ensure that it can be found in a future where people increasingly interact with machines through voice. This is another topic that we hope to learn more about next week at the Research Transformation Summit here in New York. This is a unique opportunity for me to learn more about the latest advances in research. In my role, I will focus on bringing about changes in the way we market to adapt to new uses and make the most of technology and data. Today, one in five researches is done by voice with PDAs, which is becoming increasingly important in our homes and mobile devices. One of the experts who will contact us is Guillaume Conteville, please Global Digital Marketing from Mastercard. In fact, there are now over a billion voice searches per month, and this number will only increase in the next few years. Current topics for us are CX, voice, RA, marketing automation and data-driven personalization. They really need to create a climate of trust between all stakeholders to have a true testing and learning approach. There are so many potential initiatives that could be launched, and it is always difficult to identify real and changing initiatives. This may seem like a cliché, but with this type of paper, it is absolutely crucial to maintain a learning mindset. So every day, I make sure to take the time to talk to a lot of people and read a lot. At adtech, it’s impossible to do things right the first time. The end of third party cookie tracking can be more disturbing than regulation. Then, as always with technology projects, implementing your vision will always be more complex than expected.

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