Kohltech Peak Awards – 2018 Kohltech Peak Awards – The new

2018 Kohltech Peak Awards – The new home with the highest energy efficiency – Halifax Nova Scotia Home Builder – Sawlor Built Homes – Your Dream. She is an active member of the marketing committee of the Canadian Association of Home Builders – Nova Scotia and she continues to update her education and training to become a leader in the new housing marketing industry. Since we were unable to drill a well due to local geography and proximity to the sea, we worked with our owners and architects at Solterre Design to design a rainwater harvesting system for 100% of the house’s water needs. Kaila, a third-generation member of the Sawlor Built Homes family, joined the company in 2011. The Canadian Association of Home Builders of Nova Scotia hosted another great evening at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax. What could have been a big problem for many clients has become an important factor in the planning of the entire project, including the roof lines and porch. More information about the collection system >> here. Kaila is the marketing director for Sawlor Built Homes. This event celebrates the best of Nova Scotia’s housing industry, coordinated by experts and leaders from across Canada. Building a new home in Nova Scotia while living 1,500 kilometres away is certainly a big challenge. – Outdoor homes facing south to maximize the distribution of passive solar heat gains. – Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems triple glazed passive house windows. – Passive solar design with cardinal glass. On Friday, November 30, we participated in the Kohltech Peak Awards 2018.

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