Old House – I have been incredibly lucky to film for This

I have been incredibly lucky to film for This Old House throughout my career, and many of my best memories as a photographer have been used for that. I found this incredible Polaroid behind a rotten skirting board at Roxbury Project House. Russell Kaye built a collage from photos of Carlisle’s house taken in 2000. I live in an old house, and all those old things that are still out there, celebrating with Denise’s gay advice has always been a lot of fun. My assistant and I spent the whole day with our cheeks that had fallen wonderfully to the floor, just trying to admire the dilapidated state of the house. The photos remind me of how beautiful and varied movie photos can be, especially the Polaroids 4×5, which I often used at the time. The house communicating between the main house and the barn was demonstrated and was one of my first days working on an L’HO model house.

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