VIP Preview – Fortunately on Saturday September 14 a

Fortunately, on Saturday, September 14, a small group of trainees and their guests walked down the main street in New Canaan Connecticut, to get a VIP video of the 2019 Idea before it opened to the public. With the help of my wife, and sometimes even my four-year-old daughter, who is always there to give me the tools, we did most of the great things. “Chris can’t wait for his kids to grow up a little so they can see the old house next to him. Greg Flessat of Shantilly, Virginia, shows here a large number of levels of House of Ideas, while his wife Kristen admires the glass in the kitchen. Chris and his wife Jaime and two children have bought a “fixed” roof, so he looks at the old house to get ideas for his mid-century farm. The house has been equipped with innovative and unusual features, such as a large shower with a head, a toilet for dogs, a wall for climbing in the children’s room and a table for crystal table tennis. Early risers Jerry and Mary Ann Smith of Fort Washington, D.C., removed another item from their list on Saturday morning, mixing Norm, Richard, Tommy, Kevin and Jeff with coffee and croissants. We have a moment of surprise from Kevin Piles or Delphi, IN, when he met host Kevin O’Connor at the House of Ideas. Greg and his wife have a lot in common – both parents were architects, and they grew up lovingly looking at this old house. Around noon, the House of Ideas opened its doors to the public when it rained. Would you like to be the first to know about the opportunities to participate in these events? Start a 30-day free trial of the Old House Insider today. Distribution has been distributed throughout the large house to showcase your favorite areas. “This old house gave me the knowledge and confidence to become a general contractor for a modular house in Vermont,” says Keith. Chris Sayers, from Malaga, NJ attracts slippers when he enters the house. Keith Mears from Vernon, CT has already met the Next Generation actors in Washington, D.C., so he and his wife Susan were twice as happy to see them again. It’s not every day that you can walk down the corridors of a 6,600-square-foot Greek farm with actors from your favorite show.

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