Home Automation – Kayla a third generation member of the

Construction – Halifax Nova Scotia – Your dream is to build houses with a saw. She is an active member of the Marketing Committee of the Canadian Association of Homebuilders – Nova Scotia, and she continues to improve her education and training to become a leader in the new home marketing industry. Kayla is Marketing Director of Sawlor Built Homes. Today, there are control systems for entertainment, security, lighting and even heating and air conditioning that take high technology to the next level. Whether you are considering installing operating systems now or in the future, it is a good idea to integrate your plans into the pre-wiring of your new home. Today’s homes are bigger and more complex than ever before. The good news is that testing these systems has never been so easy. I was impressed by the personal attention paid to this project from our first introductory meeting until the last day. The presence of cable and telephone socket in your home has long been considered high-tech. Five leading companies in the field of energy efficiency.

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