Product Spotlight – The original ceiling of our 18th

The original ceiling of our 18th century house of Greek ideas was undoubtedly made of cedar chips that have been replaced several times. This small device, installed by an electrician on the control panel of our House of Ideas provides a real-time overview of energy consumption. The relatively new acrylic composite tape we use at the House of Ideas expands to join thresholds, curves and corners in one piece, eliminating multiple entry points for a more waterproof and easy to install joint. Throughout the Casa de la Idea, for small and large projects, the KARP team has frequently used Gorilla Glue adhesive products. One of the innovations that visitors to our 2019 House of Ideas have seen is a barely noticeable product. In mid-size standard drains, the shower floor must be tilted in all directions to create a flow of water into the drain; this limits the choice of tiles to mosaics or other small tiles. We are proud that our house of ideas is a showcase for this new law-compliant ventilation product.

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