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Kevin Pho, MD Kevin®.com was founded in 2004 by Kevin Pho, MD, Kevin®.com and is the leading Internet platform where doctors, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students and patients share ideas and stories. Meanwhile, patients receiving narcotic painkillers are threatened with state seizures and monitoring for medical follow-up. When I was a young surgeon, the CDC and FDA sent pamphlets to doctors telling us not to be afraid of government medical organizations and dentists because proper use of narcotics was a good thing and under the doctor’s supervision to determine the dosage and duration of use. Unconfounded patients stop taking prescription narcotics when the pain stops. Every professional organization I belonged to, from AMA to ADA, now has a policy that shows the status quo ante that has served our patients who have been suffering for decades. EMR and digital transmission of prescriptions can allow authorities to assess distribution trends, patient physician research, physician misuse of the AED license by the physician, over-distribution by pharmacies, and unnecessary manufacturing volumes. Most patients with a history of polypharmacy do not transmit their addiction to their physician. I cannot say how many times patients smoked a sedated joint before coming to the office. I prescribed opioids to patients. × I prescribed opiates to patients. Let us stop accepting the villain status of the media, the government and organized medicine. He is a mild agonist, and patients seeking my experienced drugs do not want them because there is little or no euphoria. Did I mention that I am also an examiner on my technical committee, director of a multidisciplinary university pain clinic, and a forensic scientist for the famous Joint Commission? Well, that was me.

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