Century House – Shown: A baby blanket framed over the

Shown: A baby blanket framed over the fireplace and decorative beams recovered from a shoe factory in Lancaster County provide warmth to the existing family room, which was added in the 1970s. The expansion, which required 481 square meters of additional space and the relocation of the wastewater treatment plant, expanded the kitchen and created new spaces that fit like puzzle pieces: “modern things a modern family needs,” says Frens It wasn’t just any exterior wall, says Hoopes, but “a wall with the system of beams on the second floor, up to the beams. “In collaboration with architect Susan Frens, Hoopes left the old kitchen intact, so access to hot food was maintained until a major transformation, and only used the proverbial mass after the new extension was waterproof. Although the community did not begin keeping records until 1996, the stone walls of part of the Diviner’s House probably date back to the 1840s, when the house would have been two rooms above two, with an attic and an underground kitchen, according to a 1980 document prepared for a commission of state historians. Shown: In the living room, the owners added a plank and a strip door and replaced a 1970s window with an old window that now faces the kitchen. It is shown here: The original house was built of stone from the surrounding fields, probably in the 1840s or 1850s, when this region of Pennsylvania was populated by newcomers. Shown: Joan Riddle, owner, climbs the stone stairs she and her husband Tim, which was added to one side of the terrace with a terrace. “The work of the 1930s was chaotic, but we only discover it in the kitchen,” says Joan, referring to her first real project and the discovery of strange electrical solutions on an exterior wall.

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