U S – If 39 million Californians want a single payer

If 39 million Californians want a single payer, 3.5 million oregonians want universal health care, and 29 million Texans want a market-based system, then 71.5 million Americans should be free to choose their own health system. The new book Curing the Cancer in U models a market-based health care system with a safety net, both medically and financially. In order to identify the cause of the health care system failure, I have applied techniques and business experiences such as network assessment, SPACE analysis, value chain analysis, various audits and matrices, environmental analysis, Kaizen, Poka-Yoke, etc. to system failures. If cancer is a cancer from Washington, the cure is to return the health authority to Us, the people, or as I call us, the patients. The state’s control over health care is unconstitutional, no matter how it is exercised: one payer, Medicine for all, universal health care, or socialized medicine. The combination of StatesCare and market medicine is the panacea for health. With StatesCare, we can get back more than a billion dollars a year for healthcare management, money that can go back into our pockets or improve patient care. The facts have led this author to support market-oriented healthcare, but my opinion should only have an effect in my own country. The essence of StatesCare is that it is the people in your state who determine what care you receive. Doctors can easily understand that the American healthcare system is still failing. Washington and its bureaucracy have become atrocities and metastases for all aspects of healthcare. States could regulate residents’ health care across national borders. Federal health care deprives us of our freedom.

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