| Clearstory Ep – Known as headless logs this antiquated

Known as headless logs, this antiquated wood has not been manufactured for hundreds of years and provides some of the best furniture and flooring in the world. Old master carpenter Norm Abram also explains how to use headless logs in our homes and why it’s better. Lutron’s Casetta, a pioneer in smart home technology, is the primary sponsor of Clearstory, and The Home Depot, the world’s largest DIY store operator, is the sponsor of the presentation. Sherry Davis of the Maine Museum of Forestry and Forestry explains how they got there and lumberjack John Claytor tells how “he” “found” them. Find a TV show for this old house and find out about this old house near you. Believe it or not, at the bottom of some rivers there are treasures. Clearstory Ep. All rights reserved. or wherever you have your podcasts.

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