Predict Future Criminal – The New York Times article

The New York Times article continues to write that the United States represents only 4% of the world’s population, but that 20% of the world’s “detention center population” also lives there. “These statistics show that the United States has many more people in prison than it should have before trial. According to the Director, the problem with current risk assessment tools is that they do not examine a defendant’s case in detail. In an effort to reduce unnecessary pretrial detention, an increasing number of U.S. cities have resorted to AI that uses mathematical algorithms to predict whether a person is likely to commit a crime in the future. In July 2018, more than 100 organizations, including the ACLU and the NAACP, signed a petition for cities to stop using IA risk assessment tools. According to data specialists, risk assessment tools also vary considerably depending on the type of software used. The Director pointed out that cities measure risks in different ways, which should be taken into account when a court performs a risk assessment. The Director of the Stanford Computational Policy Lab explained that “he” had reviewed 100,000 court decisions on bail and that some judges had released 90% of those appearing before them, while others had only released 50%. According to the article, the United States has detained some 500,000 people accused of a crime. According to the MIT Technology Review, risk assessment tools are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, a low-risk person should not be detained in prison unless convicted of a crime. An unfortunate side effect in this case is that the network often traps people who should not be sent to prison while they wait for their trial to begin. If you have been charged with a crime, it is important that you discuss your case with an experienced Dallas defense attorney. The authors of the article argue that increased risk behavior is partly responsible for this large number of remand centers. As the MIT Technology Review states, “America has captured more people than any other country in the world. “To put things in perspective, every American is in some kind of correctional institution. According to the authors of the article, the algorithms make almost no sense because violent crimes are very rare.

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