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In a speech at this week’s Human Support Unit conference on domestic violence, Sir Andrew McFarlane, Chairman of the Department of Family Affairs, stated that it was unsatisfactory that many of the shortcomings in family justice mentioned in the media could not be investigated, as it was impossible to identify the case in question and, therefore, to ask the court to examine the court file to see what had happened in each case. We want to help stop new cases of genital mutilation in England by 2030 and protect children from other harmful practices, such as child abuse related to faith or belief. “It is alarming and unacceptable that the number of children who suffer abuse and genital mutilation related to faith and belief has increased considerably. While it is positive that cases are being referred and that affected children are receiving the care and protection they need, much remains to be done to end these harmful practices. The LGA stated that the next government must ensure that the councils have the necessary resources to continue to take effective measures to protect children from harm and abuse. If you would like advice on divorce or other family law issues, please contact our Customer Service team to speak to one of our divorce lawyers here. Liberal Democrats have also committed to introducing what they call “limited legal rights” for couples living together, for example to give them more protection in the event of separation or death of the couple. Finally, I hate to mention the electronic word, but the electoral platforms of the main parties are being published and, so far, it is good news for an impeccable divorce. Both sides also seem to support the reintroduction of the proposed reforms on domestic violence and, at least, the re-establishment of a certain level of legal aid. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party have pledged to introduce divorce for reasons beyond their control when they take power. Investigators would have access to court records and probably prepare some sort of report identifying any errors or mistakes in the system. Not surprisingly, the National Center for Genital Mutilation, a joint initiative of the LGA and Barnardo, says that both sets of figures are extremely worrying and of great national importance. Stowe Family Law LLP is approved and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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