We will need new types of medical guidelines to make

We will need new types of medical guidelines to make changes in health care. Instead of encouraging career doctors to adapt to the absurd, I am pleased to help them become the leaders of the innovation we need for the future of health care. To create and sustain a successful life as physicians for students and employees, we need leaders who are as aware of their well-being and personal and professional satisfaction as they are of their success. In my opinion, the successful health leader of the future will build on what works for both and add other attributes to support an innovative, committed, and productive workforce. In healthcare, we need to discover how we can give physicians enough freedom to realize the full potential of their talents and strengths without using them and keeping them away from patient care. The current dysfunction of our health care system is the result of too many blind people leading naked people to success with satisfaction. Recently, this challenge has led to a shift in health care from a focus on quality care to a focus on income. I recommend that the next generation of physicians be aware of the habits of self-care and reflection necessary to lead a life of altruism, leadership and personal well-being throughout their careers. It begins with medical education and extends to health care. The addition of executive MBAs and leadership certificates to their medical degrees seems to encourage physicians to turn to check-writers rather than patient carers. As a medical coach, I like to work with young people whose desire to make a difference is based on the understanding that wellness promotes the ability to do a good job. Their classic medical perfectionism also makes it difficult to get rid of problems that naive leaders easily put on someone else’s plate for their own well-being. As a soon-to-be-exhausted physician, I appreciate leaders who know theoretically and personally how satisfaction and wellness can be integrated into a successful life.

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