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“If you hadn’t stopped us that night. “Thank you and good luck. “In this article I come back to a subject that is known to mediators and lawyers working for mediator and lawyer: perseverance. Greg Bond June blog, written to fulfill his promise to write about the Beatles, shared texts that gave the conflict a new voice. I’ve been thinking about writing about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, probably as British as Brexit. Music and art constantly and surprisingly contribute to the resolution of conflicts. Robert Burns At the end of the Brexit negotiations, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to know how others view us. Oh, full of energy that the present gives us to see what is ours while others see us! It’s a stupid idea that saves us a mistake. “Because no one would understand, and you kill what you fear and you fear what you don’t understand. “Strong words. Why? Why? On the other hand, there was a negotiator who arrived with a stick and “your” lawyer. I’m sorry to write about Brexit again. It’s not that Brexit means that much. For readers of this blog outside Europe, maybe not everyone. The words were gone before I could get them back. “It only took a moment. The red fog has disappeared.

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