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At Devonshire Custom Homes this means working with Lisa Lamb and her unique experience, including a degree in business administration from South Methodist University and an interior design degree from the Art Institute in Chicago. With 100 years of knowledge and experience in individual house construction to help you in every detail, Devonshire Custom Homes dedicates itself to what your experience is. Whether traditional or modern, everyday or formal, Lisa designs the interior of her home to reflect her “own” personality and create a welcoming and comfortable space. The main advantage of building a single-family home is that it has a finished home that meets your specific requirements for functionality and quality. Brushstrokes in the Lisa range of designers create a space of colours, textures and shapes that reflects the warmth, refinement and individual preferences of “your” customers. With extensive travel experience in the United States and abroad, Lisa has the opportunity to explore different styles and models of design. Building a single-family home allows you to participate in all aspects of the construction process, turning your home into a “dream home” that you can call your own. In addition, Lisa works directly with commercial developers of projects in the areas of surface selection, furniture and spatial planning. Her artistic creativity and her ability to achieve simplicity of elegance are unique to Lisa Lamb Interiors’ interiors. From design to renovation, Lisa works closely with the architect and the client to ensure that the wishes of her “clients” are met. Building a family home can be a pleasure. They also have the freedom to choose their lifestyle, size and location of land, floor, wardrobes, windows and doors, lighting, etc. You can choose the floor plan and room sizes.

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