Kitchen Countertops – Icon – Zoom Out Allows you to view a

Icon – Zoom Not used to show a zoom action on a map. Icon – FacebookFacebook trademark for use in icons for sharing on social networks. Icon – PinterestPinterestPinterest Trademark for use in social sharing icons. Symbol – InstagramInstagram Trademark for use on social sharing symbols. Icon – Left arrowAn icon we use to show an action on the right. Icon – Right arrowA icon that is used to display an action on the left. Symbol – SearchUsed to display a search. Icon – EmailUsed to display an email action. Symbol – CloseUsed to view a closing action. Icon – External linkA icon that we use to indicate that a button link is external. Icon – Down Arrow displays a drop-down list. Icon – Chevron downUse to display a drop-down menu. Icon – MessageIcon is used to display an email action. Icon – Check box A for the buttons in the box.

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