Stephen Scullion Road – After my training trip to the 2020

After my training trip to the 2020 Olympic A good marathon runner must follow a logical and intelligent career plan. To play on the media, you need to upgrade your browser to a current version or upgrade your Flash plug-in. Keep your head down even if it has been difficult to reconstruct a complete workout. Back to the mountains and the work will start to run 2. 11. 30. 30. 30. 30. 30. 30. 30. 30. or faster in the Houston Marathon. 24 hours before the Dublin Marathon. A difficult morning and 36 hours for me, I really doubted myself. You have to blame yourself for the goals you want to achieve, find a way. The appearance you need to have one day to achieve the best performance. It wasn’t a great day, but it went well and everything is in order. Adjust or die – let it happen, don’t wait. Let’s get back to work tomorrow, Houston, in 10 weeks.

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