Assumption: Your company does not need to take the time to

Assumption: Your company does not need to take the time to create discussion points to respond to your online call. Online reputation management is a new business discipline that helps employers organize their proactive and responsive digital communications so they can stay in control. Reality: Many people believe they will be able to quickly develop their online reputation management plan when they need it. Assumption: Reputation management focuses exclusively on correcting errors and removing unwanted information from online platforms. It is worth taking the time to consider whether there are people in your organization whose reputation can have a positive or negative impact on your revenue. Hypothesis: Companies only have to consider managing their company’s reputation. With good reputation management activities, small businesses, large corporations and individuals will have more control over most online communications over them. Reality: Reputation management has much more to offer than correcting misleading or confusing public information about your company. As a result, companies are beginning to realize the importance of integrating regular online reputation management into their daily operations. Reality: Some extremely small online reputation problems are likely to be resolved without points of discussion. Assumption: You don’t need to take the time to develop a comprehensive reputation management plan. Your customers will trust you and contact you, and if there is a dent in your online reputation, they will be ready to weather the storm with you. We have a list of the ten most inaccurate assumptions about online reputation management. In addition, if you have an online information funnel that regularly disseminates information about your company, this activity will be very useful to you. Hypothesis: It is difficult to predict where your online reputation will suffer. The first step is to understand all the platforms that can affect your online reputation.

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