Mayor Calls – Earlier this year an editorial board of

Earlier this year, an editorial board of Dallas Morning News accused the police, especially the murder unit, of understaffing due to the rapid increase in violent crime in the city. Dallas Morning News reported that Mayor Eric Johnson wrote a letter to City Manager T.C. Broadnax highlighting the sharp rise in violent crime in the city of ThDallase and calling for concrete action. In “his” letter, Mr. Johnson stated that Dallas City Council “can no longer accept the status quo or tolerate an excuse” for violent crime. The highlight of the Dallas murders comes when the violence in other cities in Texas Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi decreases. Armed robberies increased by about 27 percent from 2018 and robberies increased by 15 percent, according to the Dallas Police Department Dashboard. The murders in Dallas are on their way to reaching their highest level in ten years by the end of the year, triggering a call from Mayor Eric Johnson for a plan to end the violence. The letter called for a strict deadline for Hall to present a crime prevention strategy before the end of the year and to report to the city’s public security committee in January. Some citizens said that the police seemed to be more interested in obstructing traffic than in reducing violent crime. Morning News reported that Dallas reported 194 murders this year. They arrested more than 400 people and reported that the total number of violent crimes in the region fell by 29%. Soldiers arrested thousands of people and seized 70 illegal weapons in South Dallas. The audience pleaded for the controversial deployment of Texas Department of Public Security troops to the city in 2019. Texas’ harsh penalties for those accused of murder have not prevented the ice cream service from fighting to retain its officers.

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