Music Biz Weekly – Mike Warner author of the book Work

Mike Warner, author of the book Work Hard Playlist Hard Playlist Hard, comes to us to talk about streaming playlists. We are joined by author Karen Allen to talk about his book Twitch For Musicians. Audiomack is a FREE and unlimited platform for musical exchange and discovery for artists, flavourists, record labels and fans. Andrea Young, a partner at Digital Promotions Group, will be joining us to discuss how the playlist release works. In his book, Mike clearly explains what playlists can actually do for artists’ careers. What you need to know when you hire someone to put your music on playlists. Ryan Star, co-founder and CEO, talks about what makes Stationhead different from other Internet radio stations. Charles Kaplan, Director of Product Management and Growth for Audiomack, is also on board. This week, we’re discussing a very exciting new application that we believe has great potential Station Head. Join our repertoire of SPOTIFY playlists. 2017 Michael Brandvold Marketing – Music Marketing Think Spotify mixed with Soundcloud.

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