Are White Crime – In the state of Texas for example

In the state of Texas, for example, whistleblowers are protected from retaliation by a law that states that an employer “may not take suspension, termination or other adverse action on employees if an employee reports a violation by an employer or other employee. Whistleblowers play a crucial role in helping businesses, investigators and prosecutors uncover and prosecute white-collar criminals. Whistleblowers play an incredibly important role in the fight against economic crime. A whistleblower who has been able to prove that “he” or “she” has been discriminated against may also be entitled to financial reimbursement equal to twice the amount of arrears due, plus interest, as well as additional compensation, such as attorney’s fees and other expenses related to the proceedings. While the role of the complainant is crucial in the fight against white-collar crime, the person fulfilling this role is placed in a position where “he” or “she” could easily become the target of retaliation. It can be estimated that the number of white-collar crimes would be significantly reduced without the assistance of whistleblowers who provide information on illegal or unethical activities. Whistleblowers play a very important role in white-collar crime. Because white-collar crime is initially difficult to detect, whistleblowers help companies protect their assets and encourage investigations into possible illegal conduct. If you are involved in a corporate criminal investigation, it is important that you contact a Dallas white collar lawyer. The fact is that whistleblowers who discover and report illegal activity may be subject to retaliation. As a company, it is also important that you understand your rights if a complainant makes allegations against you, your company or your employees. You are the source of many white-collar crime lawsuits. In most cases, these individuals play an important role in the investigation of illegal activities. The False Claims Act is designed to protect employees who become whistleblowers from potential repercussions.

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