Colby Construction – As a builder of custom luxury homes

As a builder of custom luxury homes and one of the leading builders in Lake Country, Wisconsin Colby Construction‘s homes are the result of passion and detailed custom design. While the steps involved in building your own home may seem daunting, with our knowledgeable team and years of combined experience, it’s an exciting process to help clients design and build a new custom home. That’s why each Colby Construction home is unique and timeless, tailored to each client’s personality and needs. From the beginning of the design process to the final inspection before the move, we are present at every stage of the design and construction of our clients’ unique and custom homes. In addition to the creative freedom, finding a lakeside home can be a tedious process that does not always lead to the realization of your dream home. When you build a home with Colby Construction, you work with an architect and a design team to create a home that is truly unique. Colby Construction is the leader in building lakefront homes in Southeast Wisconsin and can help you avoid the conservation and restrictions of the county. Start the new year with a clean slate and make your dream home a reality with the help of our experts at Colby Construction. We’ll assist you along the way to design your own custom home that will be a quality, timeless and individual dream home. Consumers often refer to mass-produced houses, “cookie houses” and other similar terms relating to multiple designs. If you decide to build a single-family home on the lake, there are many other factors that also play a role. We are truly grateful for every custom home we have been allowed to build and for the families for whom we have built homes. It is harmoniously orchestrated by a team of three people: you, the client, the architect and Colby Construction. As the project manager of your home, you can determine the room dimensions, furnishings, layout and all other details throughout the construction process. At first glance, buying an existing home may seem like the easiest option, but there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing a home you’ve designed become a reality. Finding a home on the market, whether it’s a lake house or a house in a subdivision, can cost more if you have to spend a lot of money to make it perfect for you and your family.

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